Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content for 118 Titles from 30 States!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding new content for 118 titles from 30 states, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 118 titles from 30 states
  • 72 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title list of more than 7,000 newspapers, click here.

Here is the complete title list of the content newly added in June.

State City Title Start Date End Date
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 5/16/1988 10/13/1988
California San Francisco San Francisco Chronicle 01/19/1896 01/19/1896
California Los Angeles Prensa 3/28/1932 4/7/1932
California Fresno Fresno Bee, The: Blogs New! 12/19/2006 Current
Colorado Fort Collins Rocky Mountain Collegian: Colorado State University New! 8/28/2002 Current
Florida Miami South Florida Record New! 1/13/1905 1/13/1905
Florida Leesburg Daily Commercial: Web Edition Articles New! 1/4/2017 Current
Georgia Kennesaw Sentinel, The: Kennesaw State University New! 6/27/2012 Current
Illinois Peoria Peoria Journal Star, The: Web Edition Articles New! 1/3/2017 Current
Indiana Richmond Earlham Word, The: Earlham College (Richmond, IN) New! 4/16/2008 10/29/2015
Indiana Indianapolis Whig Rifle New! 08/01/1844 08/01/1844
Iowa Fairfield Fairfield Ledger New! 2/14/1999 Current
Louisiana New Orleans Times-Picayune 7/23/1916 7/23/1916
Maine Portland Christian Mirror 07/13/1822 07/18/1865
Maryland Rockville True American and Farmers Register 05/28/1824 05/28/1824
Maryland Hagers-Town Farmers' Register and Maryland Herald New! 02/19/1828 02/19/1828
Maryland Cumberland Maryland Advocate and Farmers' and Mechanics' Register New! 06/21/1828 01/24/1829
Massachusetts Pittsfield Culturist and Gazette 07/12/1848 12/26/1849
Massachusetts Boston Massachusetts Ploughman and New England Journal of Agriculture 09/22/1866 12/26/1868
Massachusetts Boston New England Farmer 01/03/1852 04/10/1858
Massachusetts Boston Boston Cultivator 12/02/1876 12/02/1876
Massachusetts Boston Christian Register 01/02/1841 12/28/1878
Massachusetts Belchertown Hampshire Sentinel and Farmers and Manufacturers Journal 12/27/1826 02/03/1830
Massachusetts New Bedford Independent Press 11/01/1848 11/01/1848
Massachusetts Worcester Bay State Farmer and Mechanic's Ledger 05/22/1847 07/01/1848
Massachusetts Boston Golden Rule 09/06/1876 09/06/1876
Massachusetts Lowell Middlesex Telegraph, and Manufacturers' and Farmers' Advocate New! 10/31/1831 07/14/1832
Massachusetts Worcester Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Web Edition Articles New! 1/2/2017 Current
Massachusetts Southbridge Southbridge Register, and Farmers, Mechanics and Manufacturers Advocate New! 03/23/1830 05/24/1831
Michigan Saginaw Saginaw Daily Enterprise New! 01/04/1869 12/31/1869
Michigan Saginaw Saginaw Herald New! 01/16/1879 05/27/1889
Michigan Saginaw Saginaw Republican New! 01/16/1879 05/01/1879
Minnesota Red Wing Grange Advance New! 10/04/1876 10/04/1876
Mississippi Starkville Livestock and Farm Journal New! 08/03/1876 08/03/1876
Missouri Kansas City Kansas City Star 7/1/1935 7/8/1935
Missouri Kansas City Kansas City Times 7/1/1935 7/8/1935
Missouri Macon Missouri Granger New! 05/12/1876 05/12/1876
Missouri Savannah Patron of Husbandry New! 02/17/1876 02/17/1876
Missouri Forsyth Pioneer Farmer New! 06/02/1876 06/02/1876
Nevada Laughlin Laughlin Nevada Times New! 1/7/2013 Current
New Hampshire Exeter Exeter News-Letter and Rockingham Advertiser 08/04/1845 09/17/1860
New Hampshire Somersworth Great Falls Journal 05/14/1836 07/30/1836
New Hampshire Keene Farmer's Museum 01/30/1829 02/08/1849
New Hampshire Walpole Farmer's Museum 09/14/1827 12/19/1828
New Hampshire Manchester Granite State Farmer 07/18/1857 07/17/1858
New Hampshire Newport Farmer's Advocate and Political Adventurer New! 05/12/1831 05/12/1831
New Jersey Trenton Trenton Times 12/06/1883 09/29/1887
New York New York Democrat 04/13/1836 04/14/1836
New York Troy Farmers' Register 12/01/1807 03/31/1829
New York Albany Plough Boy 01/06/1821 05/26/1821
New York New York Shipping and Commercial List and New-York Price Current 03/06/1833 12/29/1841
New York Albany Farmers', Mechanics' and Workingmen's Advocate 06/07/1831 06/07/1831
New York New York Christian Intelligencer 07/13/1848 07/01/1852
New York New York Methodist 11/09/1861 08/02/1873
New York New York New-York Observer 05/17/1823 12/27/1828
New York New York Mormon 02/17/1855 07/28/1855
New York Saugerties Saugerties Times New! 4/13/2017 Current
New York Owego American Farmer New! 09/14/1803 07/18/1810
New York Forestville Chautauqua Farmer New! 06/06/1874 08/19/1876
New York Hudson Columbia County Farmer New! 08/08/1876 10/24/1876
New York Poughkeepsie Dutchess Farmer New! 09/19/1871 08/22/1876
New York Poughkeepsie Farmer New! 04/29/1806 02/03/1807
New York Bath Farmer's Gazette New! 07/22/1817 07/22/1817
New York Alexander Farmers' and Mechanics' Journal New! 05/19/1838 05/19/1838
New York Poughkeepsie Farmers' and Mechanics' Repository New! 12/09/1809 12/09/1809
New York Homer Farmers' Journal New! 11/11/1812 01/18/1813
New York Rochester Genesee Evangelist New! 02/26/1847 07/21/1854
New York New York New York Farmer and Mechanic New! 02/12/1846 12/24/1846
New York Goshen Orange Farmer New! 02/12/1820 07/07/1823
New York Montgomery Orange Farmer New! 04/03/1824 04/09/1825
New York Herkimer Republican Farmers' Free Press New! 05/18/1831 05/18/1831
New York Waterloo Seneca Farmer New! 10/27/1824 10/27/1824
New York New York Universe New! 01/06/1870 06/02/1870
New York Jamestown Weekly Grange New! 04/19/1876 04/19/1876
New York Utica Observer-Dispatch: Web Edition Articles New! 1/9/2017 Current
North Carolina Charlotte Charlotte News 10/11/1971 10/11/1971
North Carolina Fayetteville Fayetteville Observer, The: Blogs New! 10/18/2007 Current
Ohio Springfield Farmer's Advocate 08/04/1819 08/04/1819
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Leader 01/07/1852 10/14/1853
Ohio Cleveland Daily Cleveland Herald 05/30/1835 12/18/1843
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Daily Advertiser New! 01/06/1831 03/22/1838
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Whig New! 08/20/1834 12/28/1836
Ohio Cincinnati Central Christian Herald New! 07/07/1842 09/28/1848
Ohio Cincinnati Christian Press New! 06/01/1862 03/01/1876
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Advertiser New! 01/05/1837 10/08/1840
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Herald New! 01/04/1837 12/23/1857
Ohio Cleveland Cleveland Weekly Plain Dealer New! 01/07/1842 12/28/1888
Ohio Dayton Dayton Watchman; or Farmers and Mechanics' Journal New! 08/20/1822 02/15/1825
Ohio Lebanon Farmer New! 12/12/1817 12/12/1817
Ohio Urbana Farmer's Watch-tower New! 11/25/1812 08/11/1813
Ohio Newark Newark Gazette and Farmer's Journal New! 02/24/1841 02/24/1841
Ohio Lancaster Western Oracle and the Farmers Weekly Museum New! 02/06/1807 05/29/1807
Pennsylvania Greensburg Greensburgh and Indiana Register 07/02/1803 06/29/1810
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Allegheny Democrat, and Farmers' and Mechanics' Advertiser 08/29/1826 06/24/1828
Pennsylvania Lewistown Lewistown Gazette 10/28/1841 11/11/1841
Pennsylvania Carlisle Democratic Republican, and Agricultural Register 03/05/1829 08/12/1830
Pennsylvania Chambersburg German Reformed Messenger 11/28/1838 02/03/1847
Pennsylvania Montrose Susquehanna Register, and Northern Farmer 01/01/1836 08/31/1848
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Amerikanische Bauer, und Pennsylvanische Democrat New! 05/15/1829 05/15/1829
Pennsylvania Doylestown Doylestown Democrat New! 10/21/1823 08/10/1842
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Farmers Instructor, and Harrisburgh Courant New! 11/26/1800 07/01/1801
Pennsylvania Lancaster Lancaster County Farmer and American Literary Gazette New! 10/28/1848 10/28/1848
Pennsylvania Lancaster Pennsylvania Farmer New! 09/02/1812 08/11/1813
Pennsylvania Milford Square Reformer und Agriculturist und Allgemeiner Neuigkeits-Berichter New! 07/13/1876 07/13/1876
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Saturday Pennsylvania Gazette New! 05/10/1828 05/16/1829
Pennsylvania McVeytown Village Herald, and Farmers and Mechanics Register New! 11/30/1843 11/30/1843
Pennsylvania Greensburg Westmoreland Republican and Farmers' Chronicle New! 06/08/1864 06/08/1864
Rhode Island Providence Manufacturers' and Farmers' Journal 07/17/1856 12/31/1868
Rhode Island Providence Providence Journal 05/01/1891 05/01/1891
South Carolina Rock Hill Grange New! 01/20/1876 01/20/1876
South Carolina Charleston Courier Letter-Sheet Prices Current New! 10/01/1842 12/20/1850
Tennessee Knoxville Knoxville News-Sentinel 5/19/1923 11/21/1926
Vermont Brattleboro Vermont Record and Farmer 01/08/1868 12/26/1873
Virginia Staunton Staunton Political Censor 12/05/1810 08/23/1811
Virginia Roanoke, Lynchburg NBC - 10 WSLS New! 4/19/2007 Current
Virginia Petersburg Country Advertiser New! 02/07/1839 02/07/1839
Virginia Lynchburg Lynchburg and Farmer's Gazette New! 04/05/1794 11/28/1795
Virginia Richmond Virginia Farm Journal New! 09/17/1859 09/17/1859
Virginia Richmond Virginia Patron New! 07/29/1876 07/29/1876
West Virginia Charles Town Virginia Free Press 07/08/1829 03/08/1832
Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 7/1/1904 8/13/1935

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