Historical Maps Search Tips

Use this search to find articles containing maps of property and land, military battles, cemeteries and more in the historical newspaper archives. This online collection contains maps as published in U.S. newspapers from 1758–1999.

Please note that our Historical Documents collection also contains many historical maps that are not included in the historical newspaper archives, including full color world maps. As such, if you cannot locate the map(s) you are looking for in our Historical Maps newspaper collection we recommend you try again using the Historical Documents search.

Search Maps by Name

Historical maps can be searched by place name or by your ancestor’s name. Some places were named in maps for prominent citizens and military officers.

Search Maps by Date

Another way to search historical maps is by using the date or date range of the event of interest.


"July 1863"

Search Maps by Keyword

Information can be found in the historical newspaper archives by typing in "maps" in the Include Keywords field. If you are looking for military or battle maps you may also try entering the keyword "battle" in the Include Keywords field.

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