Stocks & Commodities Search Tips

Use this search to find articles containing tables and charts with the prices of stocks, bonds, and commodities in the historical newspaper archives. This online collection contains tables and charts as published in U.S. newspapers from 1719–1999.

Broad Stock & Commodity Search

Search for the stock ticker symbol or bond name in the Include Keywords field for the maximum amount of matching stock records. To search for a commodity try the commodity or good name.


"DD" is the NYSE ticker for DuPont



Search Stock History

You can watch a stock over time by running a search for the stock ticker symbol and then organizing the results by date.

After you run your search and are on the results page, there will be a drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Click the drop-down arrow and select "Oldest Items." This will organize the results from the oldest article to the newest, allowing you to more easily track the historical performance of the stock.

Date Search for Prices

You can also search for the price of an item in a particular year by searching for the name of the item in the Last Name field and entering the keyword "sale" in the Include Keywords field and including a year in the Date field.

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