Birth Records Search Tips

Use this search to find birth announcements and notices in the historical newspaper archives. This online collection contains birth records as published in U.S. newspapers from 1767-1999.

Broad Birth Record Search

When searching birth announcements in the newspaper archives, you may initially try entering the first and last name of the child and the year that child was born.

Note that birth notices are sometimes published in newspapers before the newborn is named. If you do not find your target person, follow up by searching using only the surname and expand the date range spanning a year or two before and after when you think the child was born. You may need to select a location in order to narrow the birth record search results.

Search for Siblings

To search for siblings in the birth records archive, search using the family surname and follow up with a search using the father’s first and last name along with a 100-year date range. Births, marriages, and obituaries often named the parents and other relatives of the target person. Gathering all of the relevant articles about a family will help you to complete your family tree.

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