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Here are the details of our most recent additions:
  • A total of 67 titles from 24 states
  • Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are obituaries only
  • We've shown the date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your personal research
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State City Title Start Date End Date
AL Dothan Dothan Eagle* 2007 Current
AL Mobile Mobile Register 1972-01-25 1992-12-27
AR Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 1868-05-26
AR Little Rock Arkansas State Press 1941-10-03 1944-12-22
CT Bridgeport Republican Farmer 1858-01-29 1865-12-01
CT Colchester Rivereast News Bulletin* 2009 Current
CT Easthampton Rivereast News Bulletin* 2009 Current
CT Portland Rivereast News Bulletin* 2009 Current
CT Salem Rivereast News Bulletin* 2009 Current
GA Augusta Augusta Chronicle 1878-08-02 1889-12-14
HI Honolulu Honolulu Advertiser* 2010 2010
HI Honolulu Honolulu Star-Bulletin* 2008 2010
IL Centralia Centralia Sentinel 1864-08-25
IL Chicago Broad Axe 1901-03-22 1911-12-02
IL O'Fallon O'Fallon Journal* 2004 2005
KS Topeka Times-Observer 1892-08-20
KS Wichita National Reflector 1896-10-31 1897-04-10
KS Wichita Wichita Searchlight 1911-03-11
LA Baton Rouge State Times* 1986 1991
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1906-09-25 1911-03-31
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1966-07-25 1988-12-31
MA Springfield Springfield Union 1963-09-01 1987-12-31
MA Worcester National Aegis 1849-02-21 1851-04-09
MD Westminster Carroll County Times* 2010 Current
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen 1893-01-10 1902-09-02
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen Patriot 1869-03-06 1917-12-23
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 1895-10-01 1895-11-24
MO Be. Neighbors Northeast County Journal* 2004 2008
MO Byrnes Mill Meramec Journal* 2004 2008
MO Festus News Democrat Journal* 2004 2008
MO Hazelwood Hazel.-Bridgeton Journal* 2004 2008
MO Overland Overland-St. Ann Journal* 2004 2008
MO St. Louis North Side Journal* 2004 2008
MO St. Louis Press Journal* 2004 2008
MO St. Louis South City Journal* 2004 2007
MO St. Louis Southwest City Journal* 2004 2008
MO St. Louis Southwest County Journal* 2004 2009
MO St. Louis Tri-County Journal* 2004 2009
MO Wentzville Wentzville Journal* 2004 2008
MS Pascagoula Mississippi Press* 2006 Current
MS Vicksburg Daily Commercial 1877-09-12
NC Wilson Wilson Daily Times* 2010 Current
NJ Belleville Belleville Times* 2009 Current
NJ Bloomfield Bloomfield Life* 2009 Current
NJ Bloomingdale Suburban Trends* 2010 Current
NJ Wanaque Suburban Trends* 2010 Current
NJ Clifton Clifton Journal* 2008 Current
NJ Fairlawn Community News* 2010 Current
NJ Fairlawn Gazette* 2010 Current
NJ Fran. Lakes Fran. Lakes/Oak. Su. News* 2010 Current
NJ Oakland Fran. Lakes/Oak. Su. News* 2010 Current
NJ Glen Rock Glen Rock Gazette* 2010 Current
NJ Haddonfield Haddon Herald* 2000 2008
NJ Ridgewood Suburban News* 2010 Current
NJ Ridgewood Town Journal* 2010 Current
NJ Ridgewood Town News* 2010 Current
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1916-07-01 1917-12-29
NJ Williamstown Plain Dealer* 2002 2009
NY Brockport Brockport-Spencerport Post* 2000 2008
NY Spencerport Brockport-Spencerport Post* 2000 2008
NY New York Commercial Advertiser 1825-06-11
NY New York New-York Daily Advertiser 1826-05-23
NY New York Spectator 1822-01-01 1823-11-04
NY New York Spectator 1832-10-04 1832-10-04
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1870-11-14 1895-05-27
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1923-06-01 1989-10-25
OH Xenia Greene County Journal 1863-10-02 1864-02-05
OR Portland Oregonian 1926-05-30 1973-02-10
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1851-01-03 1854-11-21
PA Philadelphia Sunday Mercury 1865-03-19 1865-10-01
SC York Enquirer-Herald* 2010 Current
TX Cleburne Cleburne Morning Review 1911-09-02 1916-01-01
TX Dallas Dallas Morning News 1981-11-01 1982-04-10
VA Alexandria Alexandria Gazette 1826-01-03 1854-07-04
VT St. Albans St. Albans Daily Messenger 1901-07-12 1922-12-30
WA Seattle Seattle Daily Times 1930-12-21 1984-11-13

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