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Birthday Pictures

Birthdays are one of life's most celebrated milestones and are frequently observed in newspapers.

These celebratory newspaper articles often feature birthday pictures of relatives and provide genealogical information that can help you branch out your family tree. Uncover old family photos, names, ages and locations in these birthday observances.

Pictures of Famous People

Newspapers are a great resource to find old photographs of famous people and celebrities because they follow their personal lives and report on their public appearances.

Find pictures of political figures, activists, athletes, entertainers and other famous people that have made an impact on American history and culture in our historical photograph archive.

Wedding & Anniversary Photos

Weddings and anniversaries are commonly announced in newspapers, often accompanied by pictures of the married couples and their bridal parties.

These wedding and anniversary announcements frequently provide family information such as names, dates, locations and pictures of the married couples. Search old wedding photos, anniversary photos & photo illustrations dating back to the 1700's up to today to find pictures of your ancestors in our newspaper archives.

Family Reunion Photos

Newspapers often contain news coverage and photographs of special events such as family reunions.

Old family photos from reunions can help you find the names, faces and places of your immediate relatives and extended family members. These family pictures of memorable moments can be printed and saved as keepsakes.

Photo Illustrations

Search thousands of illustrations in newspapers ranging from drawings of people to editorial cartoons online.

You can find printable newspaper photo illustrations of your early American ancestors dating back to the 1700's in our historical archive.

Photographs Found in Newspapers:

  • Family Reunion Photos

  • Wedding & Anniversary Pictures

  • Birthday Photos

  • Pictures of Famous People

And many more!

Search Photographs & Illustrations in Newspapers To Discover Your Family's History

Newspapers feature photographs of many of life's most special events, occasions and milestones. These vintage newspaper photos can open a window into our ancestors' personal lives, providing a frame of context for the times that they lived in.

The old family portraits and illustrations in our historical newspaper archives are printable—perfect for creating keepsake images to preserve your family's history for generations to come. Search 686,000 pictures & illustrations to discover new details about your family's story.